Why covered walkways are essential for pedestrians in the Winter

Winter is a season full of its own unique charms. From Santa to Christmas dinner, crackers and holly, it is a time of year many people love. For businesses though, it can be a tricky time to navigate. Not only is there staff leave to cover and Xmas shutdown to handle but the weather can really play havoc with your normal operations. This is especially true for your grounds where winter weather can cause big headaches for people walking around them. Whether staff or visitors, it is key that you react to this winter weather and keep everyone safe.

One of the best ways to go about this is having covered walkways installed on-site. These structures connect buildings or allow access to other spaces on-site from a building. But just why are they so essential for any pedestrians over winter?

Helps to stop falls

Perhaps the biggest advantage covered walkways offer pedestrians in winter is security from falls. Once the snow and ice start to cause problems, walking around outside, as usual, is dangerous. Covered walkways help to solve this issue as the walkway itself will not become snowy or icy due to being covered. This means staff and visitors can walk around your site in total safety and confidence, without the fear of slipping on ice. So many people injure themselves slipping on ice each winter – covered walkways help to avoid this for pedestrians.

Keeps people dry and warm

Winter weather is not all about ice or snow – the rain and chilly temperatures can also be an issue. This can see pedestrians on your site getting wet and/or cold as they move about. Naturally, this is not ideal! Erecting covered walkways is a great way to solve this issue. They give people a viable way to move around but stay dry and warm at the same time. This will not only make them feel better but also mean staff can avoid any papers they are carrying getting soggy!

Helps to prevent staff illness

If employees are walking around exposed to the elements when outside, they may well catch colds or even more serious winter conditions like flu. This is not only bad for their health but bad for your business as you could have a high rate of staff sickness during winter. Covered walkways help to protect them from the elements when moving around your premises and keep staff healthier.

Somewhere safe for public to queue

All businesses are still dealing with the impact of Covid-19 guidelines on their usual operations. This has seen many customers who come onto sites having to queue while waiting to enter a business. If this applies to your own business, special social distancing covered walkways are a must for winter. It gives pedestrians a safe space to wait while also making social distancing easier in order to protect their health.

Great value covered walkways from Ace Shelters

If you have been convinced of how essential covered walkways are for your staff and customers this winter, call Ace Shelters on 01704 829 4040. We have a great selection of these kinds of walkways and are experts in installing them. Call today for more details on how we can help.