In the UK, keeping people safe from the weather is a continuous challenge. And that's where our solution comes in – a customised covered walkway. Covered Walkway links different buildings and areas, enabling staff, patients, and visitors ...


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The Advantages of Covered Walkways

Covered walkways are typically a shelter above your property or office entrance.

Safe and convenient pathways created by covered walkways can connect buildings and reduce health and safety hazards, especially in heavily populated areas like educational institutions.

Slips and falls are more likely to occur during rainy weather as people move between buildings. This risk is even more significant when surfaces freeze over in colder months on uncovered walkways. Congestion in school hallways during busy times can lead to delays and added supervision. With the ongoing pandemic, many schools have implemented social distancing measures, which necessitate using all available walking routes to avoid overcrowding.

Covered Walkways add style

Covered walkways can be customised just as you want them. Our bespoke solutions can be designed completely to suit your imagination and style. So, when you order your covered walkways from ACE Shelters, you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with your investment.

Optimise Drop-Off Areas

Enhancing a location’s charm is a good way to draw more tourists. Customers can enjoy waiting by installing a shade system in the parking lot. This and other straightforward upgrades can make the facility more inviting, ultimately leading to improved business growth.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Property owners incur high costs for routine maintenance because buildings with better accessibility are more likely to experience wear and tear. Keeping the property in top shape can make it more desirable to visitors visually, which can increase business. Even while shade systems need to be maintained, the expenses are much lower than those for rebuilds and repairs.


Selecting A Covered Walkway Design

Airone Dome Walkway

The Airone Dome Walkway can be made from galvanised steel and powder-coated into your preferred colour. You may construct the ideal walkway to complement your surroundings by selecting the roof’s two distinct material options (PVC or PVDF), also available in various colours. The Airone Dome Walkway can be produced in limitless lengths and up to 3 metres wide.


HD Barrel Roof Covered Walkway POA

When moving between buildings or locations, the HD Barrel Roof Covered Walkway gives protection from the weather. This walkway is made of corrosion-resistant, high-quality aluminium extrusion that complies with British Standards BS EN 755 (1-9) and is strong and low-maintenance. Several glazing possibilities exist, such as vandal-resistant perforated steel sheets, UV-stable polycarbonate, and tempered safety glass. You can match the walkway to your brand or surroundings by having the frame coated in a colour of your choice. This boardwalk is frequently employed in educational institutions, healthcare settings, and residential care facilities.


Mono Pitched Covered Walkway

The Mono Pitched Covered Walkway is a sturdy and low-maintenance alternative that may be powder-coated in the colour of your choice. It is made of high-grade aluminium extrusion. It has corrosion-resistant glazing options, including UV-stable polycarbonate or tempered safety glass. Any length or dimension can be added, as well as additional side glazing.

The uprights can be mounted using sub-surface fittings or base plates. Adequate water drainage from the roofing to the ground is made possible by PVC guttering. This walkway is appropriate for any public roadway and is frequently utilised in schools, hospitals, and transportation centres.


Our Covered Walkway Expertise

Our team provides a variety of specialised walkway systems to ensure safe and dry passage for students, patients, staff, and customers between buildings. With two decades of experience in designing and installing covered walkways for clients in various industries, you can rely on us to consistently deliver high-quality results

Using covered walkways, designers can offer passengers shade from the sun, shelter from snow and rain, and safety from the elements while lowering the risk of slips and falls on ice, snow, or rain. According to laboratory experiments, lightweight constructions can reduce indoor temperature by up to 20 degrees. Our cutting-edge covered walkways are low-maintenance, offer lots of filtered light, and are green.

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