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ACE Shelters LTD is a company with modern engineering and fabrication machinery enabling us to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers and manufacturing industry. All our products are produced in accordance with our ISO 9001 Approval.

Established for over 70 years, Ace Shelters design, manufacture and install a wide range of Shelters, Canopies and Covered Walkways.

As well as our standard product range, we also provide a Bespoke Service enabling us to provide products, in any quantity, either to our client’s specifications, or designed on behalf of our clients against a requirements list. Some of our larger contracts leading to long term relationships have been born from small bespoke projects.

We are able to bring you the best extrusions on the market at the keenest prices. Our products are designed to withstand the worst excesses of vandalism and weather conditions whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing in design.

Supporting British Industry, we manufacture each and every structure in our own factory based in Burscough and offer a full installation service throughout the UK.

For further detailed information or to book a no obligation site survey, please contact us by telephone on the number below or use our online enquiry form.


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    When we look at bus shelters, we don’t appreciate just how long they can stand the test of time. Here are the top eight reasons to keep your bus shelter around. 1. Cost-Efficiency Solid materials make a good quality build for bus shelters and a good quality build means a long lifespan that requires less

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    Embracing The Pedal Revolution: Exploring The Benefits of Cycle Shelters In a world where sustainability and eco-consciousness are taking center stage, the humble bicycle has re-emerged as a champion of modern green transportation. As more and more people are trading in their petrol car for a more sustainable alternative, cycle shelters are beginning to pop

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    We are living in an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, especially if we are looking to tackle climate change. The construction industry itself is undergoing a paradigm shift towards sustainable practices. One of the most noteworthy trends within this movement is the development of sustainable shelters. These shelters are designed not just to provide

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