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What is a Bus Shelter?

A bus shelter is a covered structure designed for passengers waiting for a bus. It is usually located near the side of a road or at a bus stop. They are typically made of metal or glass and have seating arrangements for waiting passengers. They provide shelter from the sun, wind, rain, or snow and protect people from the elements.
Bus shelters are a common feature in many cities around the world and play an important role in providing comfortable and convenient public transportation services to people.


Advantages of Bus Shelters

Bus shelters provide several benefits to both the city and its residents. Here are some of the key advantages:

Protection from the weather:

Bus shelters provide a covered waiting area for passengers, protecting them from the elements, such as rain, snow, and sun. This improves the comfort of waiting for the bus and makes the experience more enjoyable.


Bus shelters provide a well-lit and safe waiting area for passengers, reducing the risk of crime or accidents. This can also deter loitering and improve the overall safety of the area.

Increased ridership:

Bus shelters can encourage increased ridership by providing a comfortable and safe waiting area for passengers, leading to fewer cars on the road and reduced traffic congestion.

Improved accessibility:

Bus shelters can be designed with accessibility in mind, making them easier for individuals with disabilities to use. This can increase the overall accessibility of public transportation, improving the quality of life for disabled individuals.

Enhanced aesthetic appeal:

Bus shelters can be designed to blend in with the surrounding area, providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to the cityscape. They can also include advertising or public service announcements, making them a source of revenue for the city.

Reduced bus idling:

Bus shelters can reduce the time buses spend idling at stops, reducing emissions and improving air quality.

Increased community involvement:

Bus shelters can provide a gathering place for individuals in the community, promoting a sense of community and social interaction.
Bus shelters provide many benefits to the city and its residents, improving the comfort and safety of public transportation and promoting sustainable and accessible transportation options.


Varieties of Bus Shelters Available

Anti-Terrorist Bus Shelter

To safeguard travellers from terrorist bomb attacks, the Anti-Terrorist Bus Shelter has been produced in strict accordance with ASIAD (Aviation Security in Airport Development). Thanks to its streamlined mono-pitch roof design, this bus shelter is stylish and contemporary. The uprights of the structure are made of sturdy square hollow steel sections.
Laminated clear glass used for side glazing is made of toughened heat-soaked glass and heat-strengthened glass.
Thick, sturdy aluminium roof panels that have been powder coated in the colour of your choosing to match the frame will serve as roof supports. The cost of installation by our highly skilled staff is included.


Flat Roof Bus Shelter – Bespoke

With its angular shape and high-grade aluminium construction, this structure is aesthetically beautiful and was made to your specifications by our highly skilled experts. The structure’s frame will be powder painted in the RAL colour of your choice.
Once powder coated, it will be durable for a very long time and will not rust. The glazing will be made of 10mm toughened safety glass or clear polycarbonate. GRP roofing, which is incredibly water-resistant, will be used for the roof. The shelter’s legs will either be sunk below ground and top filled with matching the surrounding ground surface or have a base plate fastened to a concrete base previously built.


Heritage Bus Shelter – Corner Entry

The barrel-shaped roof of this shelter is glazed with bronze-tinted UV-stabilized polycarbonate, which blocks the sun while letting in a lot of light. Entirely handmade from high-grade aluminium alloy extrusion under BS EN 755. (1-9).
The shelter won’t rust over time after it has been powder coated in the RAL colour of your choosing, resulting in reduced maintenance expenses. A straightforward perch seat or a bench with an aluminium frame and three sapele timber top slats are the two forms of seating that may be fitted within the shelter.


Heritage Bus Shelter – Quarter-End Panels

The barrel-shaped roof of the Heritage Bus Shelter with quarter-end panels is glazed with bronze-tinted UV-resistant polycarbonate. Handcrafted in our facility from high-grade aluminium alloy extrusion that complies with BS EN 755. (1-9). Because our shelters won’t rust over time, future maintenance expenses will be cheaper.
To guarantee a tidy installation, the upright stanchions of the shelter can either be top-finished to match the base plate anchored to a concrete foundation or sunk below ground in a concrete pocket.


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