Introduce a trolley shelter solution into your parking lot to improve the shopping experience for both your customers and yourself. With this, customers can quickly return the carts to the designated shelter once they have loaded their prod ...


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Customisable Shopping Trolley Shelters

As one of the best shelter providers, we design top-grade products, from powder-coated bollards to shopping trolley shelters, to meet the specific needs of various businesses. Our trolley shelters are customisable with various options to guarantee that your new trolley bay meets all your requirements and blends in with its environment.

The following options are available across our range of trolley shelters to enhance their functionality and appearance:


Narrow Eco Trolley Shelters

Upgrade your car park with the Narrow Eco Trolley Shelter. This shelter is made of high-grade tempered aluminium (T6 extrusion BS EN 755 (1-9)) and has a satin finish resistant to corrosion and rust. The tough, stable 3mm clear UV polycarbonate glazing provides protection. The front of the shelter includes two zinc-plated steel leg guards for added security. Customise the shelter with yellow rumble strips and trolley logos for improved usability.

Like other trolley shelters, this narrow eco trolley is customisable with yellow rumble strips to enhance usability. Due to their low maintenance requirements, they are the perfect option for a car park.

Eco Trolley Shelters

Our eco trolley shelters are made from top-quality tempered aluminium (T6 extrusion BS EN 755 (1-9)). They are anodised for a sleek satin finish that can withstand the elements without corroding or rusting. The sides and roof are covered with sturdy 3mm clear UV polycarbonate, and two zinc-plated steel guards guard the front legs to prevent damage from accidental impacts. These shelters are customisable with yellow rumble strips and trolley logo stickers for improved functionality. They offer a low-maintenance car park solution.


HD Trolley Shelters

The Ace HD Trolley Shelter, utilised by several major supermarket chains, offers a durable aluminium solution for all weather conditions. Made from high-strength 80mm SHS aluminium extrusions with a robust 4mm wall thickness, it can withstand the elements and trolley impacts without requiring frequent maintenance. The roof and sides are covered with solid transparent UV-resistant polycarbonate. To enhance functionality and appearance, the shelter can be customised with powder-coating in a RAL or BS colour of your choice and additional yellow rumble strips and trolley logo stickers. It also features an internal galvanised steel bump rail that is independently installed to protect against trolley impacts.


Sideloader HD Trolley Shelters

This type of trolley shelter is common in big supermarket chains as it helps protect customers from the weather. Made of high-quality aluminium materials with a blend of galvanised steel, it fits independently to protect trolleys from damages.

Sideloader HD Trolley Shelter is built to last! It is constructed from robust 80mm aluminium extrusions and a 4mm wall thickness, making it resistant to the elements and trolley impacts. The solid polycarbonate used for the side and roof glazing is UV stable for long-lasting transparency.

Personalise your shelter with powder-coated aluminium in your chosen colour, and additional yellow rumble strips and trolley logos for improved usability.


Benefits of Trolley Shelters for Your Customers

In addition to keeping your car park tidy, trolley shelters from Ace Shelters also provide the following values to your business:

  • They can increase customer shopping experience. Rather than exposing your trolleys to the elements and having your customers place their kids on a wet seat, a shelter above them keeps them safe. With this, your customers can have a pleasant shopping experience with their kids.
  • Indirectly can affect a customer’s shopping spree and your profits. The number of products a customer can buy conveniently may be limited when a trolley isn’t available or grimy. Thus, this can affect your profits.
  • Trolley shelters encourage shoppers to return trolleys neatly to a designated position. Thereby saving you and your staff time and stress.


Order Your Trolley Shelters

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with the convenience of Ace Shelters trolley shelters. These shelters protect trolleys and can be tailored to fit your size, shape, and colour demands. Ace Shelters also offers bicycle shelters for added convenience. Make the most of your shelters with accessories like interior lighting and welcome signs.

At Ace Shelters, we aim to offer affordable pricing options for our trolley shelters so that you can stay within your budget. We offer bulk discounts on orders with multiple trolley shelters to reduce costs further. Despite our cost-effective prices, we never sacrifice quality. Our outdoor furniture solutions are designed to be highly durable and long-lasting, providing unique solutions for all your needs.

Experience the benefits of working with a team of experts at Ace Shelters. Our trolley shelter experts have the extensive industry knowledge and are always available to answer your questions and provide professional advice. Get in touch with us today.

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