What’s the best size for a covered walkway?

A covered walkway is a perfect solution for offering vital protection from the elements and linking buildings together, but what size is best? Well, that really depends on your requirements. Any decision about size should take into account the following key issues:

Available space

Having determined a location for your covered walkway, take a moment to assess what space is available to you. What is the length and width of the area? Are there any height restrictions you might need to consider?

All our walkways have been manufactured from high-grade aluminium and are powder-coated, making them long-lasting, low maintenance and corrosion-free, so you won’t want to replace them any time soon. Getting the right dimensions for where yours is going be built is an important first step.

Purpose and intent

Think about what purpose you want your covered walkway to serve. Is it simply to provide dry access, define a route, or link one building to another? Or is it intended to house a large number of pedestrians at any one time? If you are anticipating queues or require a waiting area, you will need more space.

Giving some thought to the volume of foot traffic you are expecting will help you decide what size is right. Try to envision how busy your walkway will get. Consider the positioning and spacing of the posts. Are there places where the flow of traffic might be restricted? Discuss any such issues with our experts, but bear in mind that larger walkways may incur additional costs due to their more complex support structure.

Our walkways have been used in a variety of settings, from schools and hospitals to supermarket car parks. We offer a bespoke service, enabling us to meet each client’s individual specifications, and the structure of our walkways can be manufactured to any size or length to suit your requirements.

Social distancing

Lack of space has become a particular concern for many schools, hospitals and businesses since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and keeping a distance of 2 metres is a challenge for many. Our social distancing walkways are specially designed to enable people to do just that.

Using a modular design to ensure quick manufacturing and installation, we can provide a safer environment for employees and customers alike. After the restrictions have been lifted, the walkways can even be refurbished into trolley shelters if desired.

Quality and expertise

Our range of versatile, covered walkways provides the ideal all-weather solution for any school, hospital or business that wants to ensure their users are safe and protected. With more than 70 years’ experience, Ace Shelters are experts in the design and installation of all types of shelters.

To find out more, take a look at our superb range of covered walkways today.

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