What should you consider when choosing a covered walkway provider?

Investing in a covered walkway can be a great addition to your business. It means you can improve accessibility to your business, while also helping keep your customers dry and protected from the elements. Though a covered walkway can only achieve its true potential as an investment when it’s provided and installed by the right company.

What should you consider when choosing a covered walkway provider?

1. Their list of available products

No two businesses have the same requirements when it comes to covered walkways, so your first thought should be to a provider that has a broad range of covered walkway designs for you to choose from. At Ace Shelters, for example, we have both barrel-roofed and mono-pitched walkway designs to choose from, as well as those designed to accommodate social distancing.

2. The materials their products are made of

Design is one key consideration, but another you need to think about is what the shelters are actually made of. At Ace Shelters, we make our covered walkways from durable coated aluminium. This is for a number of reasons. The first of which is, as mentioned, its durability. Lightness is another consideration, which makes installation easier and faster, therefore cheaper. Long term rust resistance and protection from the elements is another key benefit of our aluminium covered walkway designs.

3. Reputation of the company

The reputation of the company will determine whether or not you should feel confident in the quality of the customer service you’re going to get. Once you have a company in mind, do your homework to learn a little bit more about them. You’re looking for more than just their promotional materials on their website. You’re looking for forum posts, news stories, independent reviews, and more. It’s even worth browsing their social media presence if they have one. Take note of how they interact with their followers, especially if one raises an issue. You’re looking for a company that is always polite and reasonable in their discourse.

4. Key communication skills

Communication is an essential component of any interaction you make, but particularly with your covered walkway provider. There are many things to consider when it comes to the successful installation of a covered walkway. Your particular circumstances will need to be taken into account, including the surroundings of your business and how to adapt a shelter in any necessary ways. For this, you’re going to need a specialist who speaks clearly, thoroughly explains what you need to know, and is reliably contactable.

Taking the guesswork out of your journey

If you don’t want to spend the time required to trawl through and vet every covered walkway provider available, you can cut to the chase and simply choose Ace Shelters. We offer a range of covered walkway solutions at reasonable prices, suitable for any type of business situation and requirement. We can help you establish which walkway suits you best, as well as handle its installation.

We have a great deal of experience in providing high quality covered walkways to many happy clients, so contact Ace Shelters today.