What is a school canopy and why does your school need one?

School canopies are covered areas that technically remain outdoors. For primary schools, in particular, these can be an integral entertaining and educational experience. One of the main advantages of installing a school canopy is that they can be used in all weather conditions, so some classic UK rainfall will not hinder your students’ experience. Here we list some of the main reasons why your school could benefit from a canopy:

Protection from weather conditions

No child likes being told they need to stay inside during break or lunchtime, but with a school canopy, they never need to. With such unpredictable weather, children can be affected by both rain and shine in the outdoors. In the canopy, they will be protected by illnesses caused by playing out in the rain, and also intense sunlight. Not only does a canopy benefit the students, but it can also double up as a shelter for any parents on their pickup duties. Parents will appreciate the fact that you have provided them with a comfortable area to wait for their children, particularly when it is raining.

Better playtimes

A canopy comes with endless opportunities, whatever the weather. You could include arts and crafts, musical instruments, sandpits, or an outdoor play area that will never be affected by the elements. You can allow the students to enjoy their break time while knowing they are completely safe.

Outdoor classrooms

You’ll be surprised how excited students get at the prospect of doing a lesson outside, and this seems to be the case at any age. It is a different experience and can allow for increased motivation levels. It also allows for different activities, such as ones that would be too messy or loud for inside. For example, why not take advantage of the outdoors for art and craft projects? Or you could allow a session of loud musical instruments that would be disruptive indoors.

Outdoor dining areas

Many schools already need to implement a wave system at lunchtime in order to get everyone seated. By installing a school canopy, you are increasing your space meaning more students can eat at the same time. Alternatively, this could be a convenient way of feasibly increasing your school’s intake, as you can always schedule for a certain number of students to be making use of the outdoor area, therefore freeing up space inside.

Bike shelters

With everyone coming together to try and reduce the effects of global warming, staff and students, if age-appropriate, are encouraged to walk or cycle to school if possible. A canopy can double up as a great bike shelter, so parents can allow their children to cycle to school while remaining confident that their bikes will be safe throughout the day. They will also be protected from the rain, so students can cycle home comfortably rather than having to ride a wet bike

Here at Ace Shelters, we can design and install a top-quality canopy for your school. If you require more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.