What is a jet wash screen and how can it benefit your business?

Homeowners use jet wash equipment to keep outdoor areas and their vehicles spotless, but unlike enterprises who operate them, they don’t need to concern themselves with safeguarding members of the public and their vehicles while working.

When a jet wash is used, potential overspray can be a prevalent problem that needs addressing. However, it’s not just water you need to worry about, but dust, dirt and debris that is blasted from an object or area being cleaned. If you operate a professional car cleaning service based on the busy forecourt of a supermarket, you could be responsible for covering passers-by in all manner of unwanted material. To answer these issues, dedicated screens have been designed for use in areas where jet washing is taking place.

What is a jet wash screen?

A jet wash screen is a simple but effective solution for protecting one area from another and those close by while someone is operating a power jet wash. These useful screens are typically manufactured with a clear glazing for greater levels of visibility which is edged and fixed in place by a steel or aluminium framework.

A robust return on your investment

Cleverly crafted for outdoor use, jet wash screens have been designed to be hardwearing from durable materials. The upright stanchions are made from Square Hollow Sections (SHS) mild steel or aluminium tubing that is hot-dip galvanised for extra strength. Uprights are then fixed and bolted into pre-prepared concrete pads ensuring they can never tip and become damaged. The screens themselves can be made from sturdy 6mm thick clear polycarbonate with UV stable properties to negate sun damage, or 8mm thick safety glass.

These carefully chosen properties ensure that jet wash screens are built to last, allowing firms to get the most from their investment.

A cost-effective solution for safety

A quick and affordable option to implement, that allows enterprises to operate in the open instead of expensive indoor premises, jet wash screens are also cheap to maintain. Powder coated to your preferred colour, the metal parts will not require costly repainting and benefit from rust protection.

Avoiding customer complaints

When a jet wash goes to work, excess water can’t always be controlled and may spray people passing by your cleaning business. If you are washing vehicles, they may have collected grime and debris from the road which can contain small sharp stones. If dislodged and inadvertently redirected at customers and other members of the public, this can cause not just complaints, but physical harm leading to legal action against your business. Additionally, if you operate a large-scale cleaning service with multiple bays, you can avoid dirt and damage to other cars you are servicing.

To keep people and their property safe and reduce unwanted overspray, establish a secure area to work by fitting jet wash screens. Experts in installation, you can contact us at Ace Shelters to purchase and arrange your new jet wash screen set up.