What Are Bus Shelters Made From?

You see them in all our towns, cities and villages – bus shelters are designed to protect those waiting for their bus from the elements. They need to be strong enough to withstand extremes of weather, the best efforts of vandals, and look like somewhere a passenger would feel safe waiting for a period of time.

What sets our bus shelters apart?

What sets our bus shelters apart from others is that we use high quality, location appropriate materials for all our products. All the shelters you see on our website make use of aluminium. The diversity which aluminium offers makes it a perfect choice for bus shelters. Unlike iron and steel, this lightweight metal resists rusting, due to its natural coating of aluminium oxide, blocking the action of air and water, which results in rust. This layer of aluminium oxide sits on top of the aluminium surface, and unlike rust, this type of corrosion is barely perceptible and quite natural, meaning that the bus shelter will last for many years to come.

Something else which makes aluminium a popular choice for bus shelters is how easy it is to customise. Aluminium can be coloured with the help of durable powder coating, to match your colour scheme. As you can see from the product photos on our bus shelters web page, some of them have been powder coated in green or grey, to fit in with their surroundings, or even in a vibrant red to help them stand out.

When it comes to glazing, you have three options:

UV stable polycarbonate – transparent plastic which is transparent like glass but behaves like plastic.

Toughened safety glass – a traditional glass, which is up to five times stronger than regular glazing material.

Anti-vandal perforated sheet – perforated metal, ideal for higher security.

Each of these options has its own unique strengths, and can be combined easily with our bus shelter frames to make a product unique to your needs.

Now you’re fully informed about bus shelters, we’d be more than happy to have a chat to you about our product range, and what we can offer. Give Ace Shelters a call today on 01704 829404, or use our contact form for more details.