Wall-mounted canopies vs freestanding covered walkways: Which is best?

Wall-mounted canopies vs freestanding covered walkways: Which is best?

There is no doubt that both covered walkways and wall-mounted canopies are both exceptional options for providing people with shelter. When considering the appropriate form of cover they require, buyers may wonder which of these applications is best, but the truth is that both have their strengths and are suited to different uses. Depending on your individual needs either one might be an ideal option.

In the following sections, we’ll look at the merits of both freestanding covered walkways and wall-mounted canopies and see how they compare while exploring the reasons why each is a suitable solution for different requirements.

Making protected connections

Whether your site has more than one building or a long distance from the entrance to its car park, you might find a covered corridor beneficial, especially in poor weather. Unlike wall mounted canopies, a free-standing covered walkway is built for this purpose and does not need to be attached to the side of buildings. These solutions can come with barrel rooves allowing rain to run off and can even feature side glazing for extra protection from the elements. Covered walkways are also designed to be narrow, so unlike canopies, can take up less space making them ideal for covering footpaths already in place.

Safe and dry spaces outdoors

While not ideal for fashioning dry passageways, where wall-mounted canopies excel is in creating outdoor areas that are protected from the weather. Attached to homes they can create a new living space in your garden while at enterprises they can provide a sheltered area for staff to enjoy fresh air on their break, whatever the weather. Unlike covered walkways, canopies can give you the room required to protect a car or allow people to congregate comfortably or at a safe distance.

Two exemplary options

Despite their difference, both free-standing covered walkways and wall mounted canopies share many sought-after properties. Both are available manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure they are built to last and buyers receive a welcome return on their investment. Leading products in both categories will also have passed meticulous quality control processes so that they meet the UK’s strict safety standards.

Extremely low maintenance to care for, the metal parts of both canopies and covered walkways can come powder coated in your chosen colour. This not only means that you can brand solutions to your company colours or style them to suit your home, but means repainting is unnecessary and rust no longer an issue. Additionally, the robust glazing fitted in these cover options not only defends users from rain and snow but provides UV protection as well.

Expert assistance at the ready

Whether you need to shelter your staff or students from A to B or seek an outdoor area that’s protected all year round, we have a wide selection of wall-mounted canopies and covered walkways available on our website. For expert advice on products or a professional installation, you can contact our team at Ace Shelters today.