The ultimate guide to maintaining your covered walkway all year round

A covered walkway can be a fail-safe solution to ensuring those who need to walk underneath it are kept dry and safe from the elements all year round. However, it will only ever be as good as the maintenance that keeps it working efficiently.


Ensuring your covered walkway is kept operational starts at the very beginning with the construction. In order for it to last in the long-term, it needs to be constructed from structural grade steel to provide a strong, robust solution.

The roof materials are also vitally important. Roof panels provide both UV properties and durability, offering high impact resistance from varying degrees of thickness. They require minimal maintenance and don’t go yellow over time.

Polycarbonate panels provide a cost-effective canopy solution and can be made available in various thicknesses and sizes. Meanwhile, glass offers a high-quality finish in either a clear or smoked finish, providing both a classic and contemporary look.


One of the most important ways of maintaining your covered walkway is through ensuring you are utilising effective cleaning measures. The type of cleaning required will depend on the materials used in its construction; if the covered walkway has a lot of glass, then you will need to ensure there is a regular window cleaner visiting the walkway to keep it clear of dirt and debris. Glass can quickly start to look rundown when not maintained effectively.


One of the biggest issues for covered walkways is when trees overhead drop their leaves. It is important that someone regularly visits the canopied walkways to brush any leaves away. If this isn’t done, the leaves can start to go mouldy and this can create further issues for the covering.


Depending on the finishing of the walkway, it might be necessary to regularly re-paint the structure. Often the industrial finish is galvanised and finished in a corrosion protective coating. This is then powder coated in a coloured finish. On occasion, wear and tear can cause this to flake away or fade for various reasons. This can be easily rectified with a quick sand down and repaint on the areas that are affected.


Sadly walkways are a prime target for graffiti; whether it’s on the frame itself or on the covered walkway, typically this will need cleaning off on a regular basis. Sometimes this can easily come off with a pressure wash clean, but on occasion, this will require a thorough clean with a chemical solution.


Whether deliberately caused or the result of an accident, damage to your covered walkway can be a health and safety hazard and is therefore imperative that it is resolved. Whether it’s broken glass or a bent frame, there are many easy remedies that can be utilised to ensure damage is kept on top of all year round.

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