The Harrogate Bus Shelter: Our Guide To This Iconic Design

An undisputed design classic, the Harrogate bus shelter is one of the most common designs of public transport shelters, and one that millions of British commuters will pass every day. Ace Shelters have been producing this design for many years now, and its popularity remains as strong as ever. Cost-effective, durable, elegant and versatile, the Harrogate bus shelter is the ideal solution for all kinds of public transport situations.

An iconic design

Bus shelters are rarely discussed in glowing aesthetic terms, but the Harrogate can only be described as an icon. The hallmark of the design is a pitched roof with a triangular cross-section, the frame made from factory-grade aluminium and the structure comprised of transparent panels. It’s seen on bus routes across the land and is extraordinarily aesthetically versatile. Where some bus shelters stand out, drawing attention to their aggressive modernity, the Harrogate bus shelter is understated and almost muted. The pitched roof means that it is harmonious in more traditional surroundings where it might be adjacent to many buildings with gables or traditional roofs, whilst the heavy emphasis on transparent panelling means that it enables a sense of continuity on streets rather than acting as a block.

Unparalleled flexibility

Unlike with other designs, the simplicity of the core Harrogate bus shelter means that it can be customised and optimised for a whole range of contexts. At its most basic, the Harrogate comes in enclosed or cantilever varieties – the enclosed version having, broadly speaking, four “walls” in addition to a roof whilst the cantilever version simply has the pitched roof and a back “wall”.

The flexibility doesn’t stop there, however. The enclosed version comes in single-entry and double-entry formats – this allows it to cater for all kinds of locations and anticipated footfall, preventing it from looking conspicuously large and out-of-place. Meanwhile, the cantilever version can be supplied with or without side panels; opting for the panel-less version allows for a highly streamlined look, whilst the version with side panels can work better where inclement weather conditions are expected.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of customisability is colour – this is particularly important in heritage areas where there may be statutory requirements for a uniform aesthetic. The Harrogate can be powder coated with paint in a colour of your choice or left uncoated for a striking “industrial” look.


Whilst the Harrogate is indubitably elegant, it also is manufactured to the highest levels of quality and workmanship. The framework is made out of high-grade aluminium alloy; lightweight but strong, aluminium is ideal for outdoors construction due to it being resilient to rust and weathering. Meanwhile, the panels come in a range of options – clients can choose from UV Stable Polycarbonate, toughened safety glass or anti-vandal perforated sheets, based on the contemplated usage.

All Ace Shelters products are manufactured in England by highly-skilled staff members; Ace invest in their human capital through extensive training at their Lancashire HQ, meaning that the Harrogate is consistently high-quality, with none of the structural flaws common to cheaper products that can often require replacement within merely a few years. Our trained engineers will also supervise installation, further simplifying the process for clients.


Bus shelters are exposed not only to the elements but to potential vandalism and anti-social behaviour too. This means that it is vital that they be constructed in a way that is resistant to damage but which is also easy to repair. The Harrogate Bus Shelter’s quasi-modular structure means that it can be fixed quickly and efficiently, whilst there are options for extra-resistant panelling to avoid shattering and other forms of breakage. This ensures a pleasant environment for users, improving their overall experience of a locale and encouraging them to return.

Optional extras

The Harrogate bus shelter contains extensive scope for customisation. One common extra chosen by clients is CCTV – this can increase user confidence and reduce anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of the shelters. Not only does this pay in dividends in reduced maintenance costs, but it also incentivises the use of public transport options.

Another way in which customer experience can be enhanced with the Harrogate is through opting for seating. Particularly when buses are less regular, the ability to offer users seating can be critical in maintaining a positive experience for them – standing for up to half an hour can be difficult for many and can create accessibility issues for disabled and older users. The design of the Harrogate bus shelter means that customers can purchase either bench-based seating or “perch” seating where users lean against conveniently-angled seats. Both have their advantages and both can substantially improve user experience.

A track record of success

The Harrogate bus shelter has been used by a range of consumers across the country. Ace works extensively with public authorities in particular; several local councils in the Midlands have long-standing relationships with Ace for their public transport shelter needs, and the Harrogate has also been supplied to universities and schools. Client feedback consistently highlights how competitive the pricing is – the Harrogate offers excellent value for money.

Ace also provides a full package of services beyond merely providing and installing the shelters. Employing highly-skilled engineers (many of them chartered), they can oversee the entire process and help design a holistic and integrated public transport solution tailored to specific needs rather than being generic.

Next steps

If you’re looking to invest in a bus shelter for your local area – or are just curious as to how one might fit in with your larger development plans – then don’t hesitate to contact Ace Shelters today to see how the Harrogate bus shelter might be suitable for you, and what sort of pricing can be arranged. Elegant and durable, the Harrogate has helped define public space across the UK; it’s likely to be the perfect solution for you too.