Social distancing and trolley shelters: what you need to know

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been felt across various industries and the ability of companies to adapt to social distancing measures has been key in keeping things rolling in recent times.

Ace Shelters prides itself on being up to date with all health and safety measures, and as such, our covered walkways and trolley shelters are being designed with social distancing measures in mind. In this article, we will be reeling off everything you need to know about social distancing when it comes to trolley shelters, in order to make sure that your supermarket is Covid safe.

Social distance measures can be built-in with bespoke designs

Ace Shelters offer bespoke solutions for shelters such as trolley shelters. As such, there is always room for customisation and tweaks to the brief which we work with. This of course means that Covid-19 measures can be added to the plans. Whether that means simply spacing out a trolley shelter to make more room for customers and colleagues who are social distancing, or adding signs to remind customers to keep their distance, Ace Shelters are happy to tailor designs for all clients.

Does your trolley shelter allow for ventilation?

Despite trolley showers being outdoors, good ventilation is not guaranteed. With the coronavirus being transmitted via the air, ventilation is key in any construction when it comes to minimising the spread. Just as with buildings and rooms, an effective trolley shelter during the current pandemic must allow air to flow easily and freely, so consider open-ended shelters with gaps between panels.

How to social distance when using trolley shelters

Social distancing when using trolley shelters is just as important as social distancing when inside the supermarket. As such, we have prepared some simple things to remember when using these shelters in order to keep you and the people around you as safe as possible.

Sanitise hands regularly on-site

Hands should be clean and sanitised regularly when visiting a supermarket, upon entry and exit. We would also suggest having a hand sanitisation station nearby the trolley shelter or trolley shelters, in order to limit the spread of the virus from one trolley to another.

Washing the trolleys

Similar to above, the trolleys should also be regularly cleaned with anti-bacterial gel or soap. Whether by customers themselves or by staff, this is a really effective way to limit the spread of Covid-19 when it comes to the trolley shelter.

Keep your distance

While a one in, one out system may be the most efficient way to monitor social distancing inside a supermarket itself, the trolley shelter can be a little more complicated. But the same rules apply, so make sure you leave 2-metre distances between yourself and others. Ace Shelters offer optional extras in which stickers enforcing social distancing measures can be included.

Workers at supermarkets and other essential stores have been unsung heroes at times during this pandemic, so assuring their safety is something that Ace Shelters is proud to be doing. To find out more, get in touch today.