What permissions do you need to install a covered walkway on your business park?

A covered walkway can offer excellent value and considerable benefits to your business, or indeed your business park in general. It’s there to provide protection from the elements and to generally improve the experience of visiting customers. But it’s not as simple as just installing one; knowing the permissions you need is essential. So what should you consider?

Do you own the business park?

The first thing to do is get the landowner’s permission. If you own the business park outright, then that obviously won’t be an issue. But if you have any other kind of leasehold agreement on the land, you will need written permission from the person who actually owns it. In some cases, this can be quite difficult to determine, as land is often administrated through various management agents and third parties, so getting in contact with the actual owner can be difficult. If you’re finding it hard you can always turn to the HM Land Registry to find out who the registered owner of the land actually is, before asking their permission.

Getting appropriate planning

With permission from the landowner, you will now need the blessing of the local authority. Many people fall into the trap of presuming that they can build anything they like on land they own. This is not the case, however, and planning permission must be sought whether you own the land you’re building on or not. In some cases, it may simply be a token application and it will be approved almost immediately, where in others it may be subject to more rigorous and time-consuming consideration.

This will often depend on the extent of the works you’re planning to complete. So for a relatively small section of covered walkway in front of a single store, for example, the process could be relatively quick. But for a larger section of covered walkway that covers the circumference of the park, there would need to be more in-depth consideration of the submitted plans.

If you’re ever unsure of your obligations or requirements, don’t hesitate to contact your local planning office.

Factoring this into the design process

So how do you factor this information into the design process? The first step is to get approval to build covered walkways on the piece of land if you don’t own it. With that, you can get in touch with your local planning authority and get a copy of the regulations and requirements they have concerning the building of new structures, which you can pass on to you walkway providers.

Your covered walkway providers can then use this information to help tailor the suggestions they make regarding the best covered walkway for your situation and your budget. They can ensure that any design or practical decisions they make are in keeping with the regulations ultimately governing the construction. That’s what we do at Ace Shelters, and it’s why our clients are always so happy.

Taking the right steps ahead of time is essential if you want a quick planning permission acceptance, and painless covered walkway build.