How to encourage social distancing in your covered walkway

Covered walkways are used in many different locations and establishments. They are a great way to link buildings while providing walkers with overhead shelter. Places which use covered walkways include schools, car parks and supermarkets. However, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has created some challenges for covered walkways. The current government advice is that people should socially distance from one another, by at least 1 metre but 2 where possible. However, covered walkways are generally narrow spaces, meaning there is a high risk of people coming in to close contact with one another. To find out how to encourage social distancing in your covered walkway, continue reading.


There are many benefits to having a covered walkway. Firstly, they provide protection from all weather. Your customers will no longer get wet walking from the car park into your building. Another great benefit is that they can link buildings together, for example in schools. They can also help those who have never visited your building before to know which way to go to get to the entrance.

One-way system

One method of encouraging social distancing in your covered walkway is by creating a one-way system. If you have two walkways next to each other, designate one for coming into the building, and one for leaving. This means that in each walkway, people are always walking in the same direction. If this is not possible, consider having a policy where customers must walk on the left at all times. By placing signs around with this information, you can be assured that people will walk on the opposite side of the walkway, avoiding the risk of contamination.

Traffic light system

If your covered walkway is very narrow, then it may be best to put a traffic light-style system in place. Have a member of staff at each end of the walkway to control the flow of people. While people walk from one end of the walkway, those on the other side must wait. Then, when it is clear, those on the other side can cross. This controls the amount of traffic in your walkway at any one time. If you do not have the available staff for this, another idea is to place signs encouraging people to wait if they see someone walking from the other side of the walkway.

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