How to create a smoking area on a small property

Ever since the UK government took the decision to ban indoor smoking in 2007, the inclusion of dedicated smoking areas on properties has been of paramount importance. Not having these areas can lead to various problems, so it is critical that you know how to create a smoking area in a range of places.

But people can smoke anywhere outside, can’t they? Well, as much as this statement is true, without a dedicated smoking area, you may find that smokers and non-smokers alike become unhappy about the lack of a dedicated smoking shelter. Here’s everything you need to know about creating one on a small property.

Decide where the smoking area will be and its desired dimensions

The first thing to do when aiming to create a smoking area on a small property is to decide where it is going to be and how big it is. It’s important that you get this decision right, especially where space is limited.

A good smoking area will have at least enough room for 2-3 people to stand comfortably, and it will also be well away from any windows or doors so that the smoke does not filter through into the building. Where possible, the smoking area will also need ample cover from the elements; however, as you will see, this can also be mitigated when you erect your smoking shelter.

Invest in a good smoking shelter

Once a potential destination for the smoking area has been chosen, and dimensions decided on, it is time to invest in a good smoking shelter. These are critical for keeping smokers in one place, and also for alleviating the problem of wet conditions.

Look for a good quality smoking shelter, preferably with a rust-proof structure, to reduce the need for regular maintenance.

Make sure people are aware it’s there

A smoking area on a small property will also need to be adequately signposted, otherwise, smokers will simply not realise that it is there. Failing to do so will undo all of your hard work.