How Much Do Smoking Shelters Cost?

As specialists in the creation and installation of long-lasting, high-quality smoking shelters, one of the first questions we’re asked is often “exactly how much do smoking shelters cost?” The answer to that question might vary depending on precisely what you’re looking for, and what you require from a smoking shelter. From differing materials to the level of structure needed, many elements may affect the cost of a smoking shelter.

In this blog, we take a closer look at exactly how much a smoking shelter costs, plus a little more information to help you decide which shelter is the best solution for you:

Difference in structure

When it comes to the initial cost of a smoking shelter, the structure itself can make all the difference to the final price. For free-standing shelters, often seen in hospitals and similar public structures, an extra cost is involved in the full construction of the shelter itself, from supports through to benches and inbuilt bins in some cases.

By contrast, a simple smoking canopy that is installed into an existing wall has far less material – and as such, a lower cost attached. At Ace Shelters, all-out smoking shelters are made from excellent quality materials; so the difference is all in the size of the shelter itself, and the work involved in installing it.

Added extras

The real variation in cost for our smoking shelters, beyond structure, comes from the range of added extras you can include to upgrade or improve the shelter of your choice. As standard, both our free-standing and canopy models can be powder coated in any colour, but in addition elements such as smoking signs, ashtrays, rail seats or even full benches can be added – all of which will change the price of your finished structure accordingly.

With so many variations in the smoking structures available from us at Ace Shelters, the best bet to get a great price is to give us a call on 01704 829404 or get in contact with us through our online contact form for exact prices and quotes. We’re always happy to help.