How Much Do Bus Shelters Cost?

As acclaimed specialists when it comes to the production and installation of bus shelters, one of the question we’re most frequently asked is, ‘How much do bus shelters cost?’ The answer varies considerably depending on the type, materials used, and whether or not you opt for additional extras. In this blog, we’ll run through the variables that affect how much your new bus shelter will cost:

Great value options

If you’re looking to keep the cost of your bus shelter as low as possible, while still getting a quality shelter, you can be assured that all of our bus shelters are designed with this goal in mind. While prices may vary, whatever you choose will provide you with exceptional value. Higher priced options offer additional functionality and protection from the elements, so while you’re spending more, you’re also getting greater value.

Glazing material options

Our bus shelters come with several options where glazing materials are concerned, starting with clear polycarbonate and toughened safety glass, with options to have the council name etched into the glass. There is also the option to get laminated safety glass, which can also be etched. Additional choices include cantilever shelters, as well as cantilever featuring quarter, half, or full-height end panels, and a fully enclosed option with an opening to the front, rear, or both front and rear.

Structure options

Further diversity is available when it comes to the structure of your shelter, and the price can vary considerably depending on the options you select. Choose from solid powder coated aluminium sheets, or anti-vandal powder-coated perforated steel sheets. Other options include perched seating, and bench seating featuring either an aluminium or solid timber top surface. The roof can be made from solid powder coated aluminium sheets or bronze tinted polycarbonate, while shelters can have either upright stanchions that are submerged below the ground within a concrete pocket, or a base plate fixed to a prepared concrete hard standing.

The bells and whistles

The final aspects of your bus shelter that will determine price are the little extra touches, like timetable and display case options, and lighting choices, which include solar power or mains LED. Additional features like USB charging points are also available.

If you’d like a detailed quote for the price of a new bus shelter, get in touch and we’ll happily go over your needs and options.