How do you know it’s time to replace your covered walkway structure?

A covered walkway structure, like one of the many different styles offered by Ace Shelters, offers particular value to all manner of businesses. It can both protect customers from the elements, improve the visual presentation of premises, and generally raise the standard of the overall shopping experience. But how do you know it’s time for your covered walkway structure to be replaced? Here are some key questions to ask yourself.

When was the structure erected?

The first thing to consider is when the covered walkway was actually built. Were you present for it? Do you have any memories of it? Or was it already in place when your business or organisation took residence of your current property? These are important questions to answer, so consider asking the landowner if you don’t have any records or recollection yourself. If the walkway structure was built over a decade ago, or nobody seems to have any idea when it was built, it’s worth considering replacing it with a new one for your continued peace of mind.

What is the general condition?

Another key consideration is of course the general condition of your covered walkway. If you live in an area that has particularly strong weather, your covered walkway may have become subject to damage over the years. Similarly, there’s a risk of graffiti and vandal damage to consider as well. It’s worth investing in an accurate appraisal of your covered walkway’s general condition to help you make a more informed decision. Something else to think about is how effective it still is. If there’s damage, there’s a chance it could be letting rain in while customers are walking.

Are you renovating elsewhere?

If you’re in the process of renovating your premises or redecorating, it could be the perfect time to replace your covered walkway system too. It’s a relatively small addition to your renovation investment, but it could help make the difference in the visual presentation of your property. It wouldn’t look right to have a beautiful clean building with a tatty covered walkway in front, and it’s an issue that is so easily rectified. This could also be your opportunity to change up the design of your covered walkway and go for a completely different look.

Making a key investment

A covered walkway is an excellent investment for your business. Investing in a new covered walkway structure from Ace Shelters is going to be a decision that stands you in good stead for years to come. Our covered walkway structures are made from durable high-grade aluminium. This makes them relatively easy to install, which makes for a cheaper installation fee, but also provides long-lasting corrosion and general weather protection.

If you want to make your business look its best, a new covered walkway is a great place to start. For an affordable investment, you get a complete visual makeover, as well as offering your customers genuine utility. To learn more about your options for covered walkway installation, contact Ace Shelters today.