How carwashes can reduce their impact on the environment

One thing that is key for cars is being able to keep them clean. This has seen commercial car washes spring up in many locations across the UK, from garage forecourts to car dealerships and truck stops. While carwashes provide a valuable service, they are not always the most eco-friendly operations.

If you are thinking of having a carwash installed on your commercial premises, operating it in an environmentally friendly way is therefore key. This will allow it to be used in the most effective way while being kinder to the planet. But how could carwashes do this?

Use jet wash screens

One very effective way of reducing the impact of carwashes on the environment is to install jet wash screens. Perhaps the biggest impact carwashes have is the large amounts of wastewater they produce. Jet wash screens help to make this less of an issue by rebounding more of the water used back onto the vehicle, thus cutting back on the amount of wastewater created.

Move to more eco-friendly products

Another good tip for helping any carwash to reduce the effect it has on our planet is to think carefully about the products used. Traditional car cleaning agents are not always the best in terms of the chemicals contained in them. When they flow away via wastewater into the drain and the water system, this can have a negative effect on the environment. Try to use products which are kinder to the environment and contain less harmful chemicals.

Keep them in good repair

One of the biggest problems in general for the environment right now is how much we send to landfill. A large part of this is broken products or parts that have to be replaced. Keeping carwashes in good condition with regular maintenance is a great way to avoid adding to this issue. By taking steps to look after your carwash facility, you will find it lasts longer before needing to have old parts disposed of and new parts made to replace them.

UK jet wash screens with Ace Shelters

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