Does your business need a pram shelter?

From schools to health centres and private nurseries, one essential fixture to have on your grounds is a pram shelter. Pram shelters are secure structures which allow parents to store their prams when dropping children off or coming onto your premises for an appointment. They are important because they allow parents to leave their pram somewhere safe and convenient when accessing your business. It is not only parents who can benefit greatly from shelters like this though – your business could also gain a lot from installing one.

But just how do they help specifically?

Frees up valuable inside space

All businesses and schools will know the importance of maximising inside space. Whether it gives you more room for storage or the ability to create new teaching/working spaces, using every bit of inside space to its best is crucial. It is therefore not wise to take up some of this indoor space for storing buggies or prams. Installing a pram shelter outside is a much better option as it provides the same storage solution for parents, without taking up room that could be better used inside.

Keeps inside space clutter free

Any business will need to keep entrances and fire escapes clear. Keeping these clutter-free is a must so that anyone who is on your premises can use them in an emergency. By installing an outdoor pram shelter, you will be able to eliminate lots of prams hanging around inside and causing a hazard. Being able to keep your premises clutter-free in this way will also make your business look more professional and make the working environment safer for staff.

Parents will value them

When parents are looking at which school or nursery to send their kids too, facilities like pram shelters matter. This is also true of private businesses who might need to offer secure buggy storage to their customers. Parents will love the convenience and safety shelters offer, making them more inclined to choose your school, nursery or business over others.

Top-class pram shelters with Ace Shelters

Our range of superb quality shelters for prams are perfect for all businesses and schools. Made with toughened safety glass, they come in a range of designs and can be erected in just one day. Call today on 01704 829404 to book a free, no-obligation site survey.