Cutting-edge tech for covered walkways

A wide variety of covered walkways have been employed by enterprises and organisations across the country for some time now. Ideal for providing shelter for customers they can link car parks to supermarkets, create dry tunnels between your outbuildings at a business site or provide cover between classes for school kids.

The new options available to buy and fit are now taking advantage of the latest technological advances to enhance both their appearance, the service they provide and the length of their lifespan. In the next sections we’ll investigate some of the new technology at work beneath the framework and glazing of contemporary covered walkways.

Innovative design features

Readily available in different styles and sizes to suit various tastes and requirements, new covered walkways boast a host of impressive features not previously seen. Whereas the glazing sidings of shelters previously offered could become cracked or damaged, the latest walkways use toughened safety glass or even vandal resistant perforated steel sheeting for a hardier option.

The main aim of any covered walkway is to keep those who use it dry, but older models can have limitations. When rain ran off the roof it could sometimes splash passing pedestrians, but with cutting-edge designs, this is no longer an issue. Some advanced models, such as mono-pitched covered walkways, feature cleverly devised drainage systems in the form of PVC guttering. This innovation allows rainfall to be swiftly sent to the roof’s lowest part before it travels down to the ground below, making it an excellent solution for any public walkway in wet weather.

Long-lasting solutions using high-grade materials

From the framework to the glazed roofs that finish them, the latest covered walkways are constructed adopting materials made using advanced refining processes and lab-designed synthetic solutions. Built to British Standards using high-grade aluminium makes the framework of modern walkways able to endure far longer than their predecessors, while glazing can now be crafted from durable polycarbonate.

Rather than being painted, frames are now powder coated to the RAL or BS colour customers require. This innovative process ensures they remain well-presented and require little upkeep, as they won’t need repainting and are resistant to rust. Essential protection for outdoor structures made from metal.

A new level of protection for pedestrians

Today’s polycarbonate glazing is UV stable providing those passing through covered walkways with shade from the sun as well as shelter from the rain.

Bespoke walkways are also offered to protect people during the pandemic. Featuring an ingenious modular design that makes them exceptionally adaptable, they are specifically designed for sites where employees or customers must queue while socially distanced, keeping them safe and your company compliant.

An authority on covered walkways

With extensive experience of installing covered walkways, at Ace Shelter, the solutions we offer have been specially developed with the latest technological enhancement available. If you need a free-standing covered option to provide protective passage or advice on available products that might suit your needs, contact our expert team today.