Bus Shelters With Solar Panels

A variety of smart city initiatives are driving economic growth and improving the quality of life for all residents. Energy efficiency and conservation are a major focus for smart city planners and an effective public transport system is essential for the smooth operations of the city, by day or night. There are a variety of different initiatives in place to improve resident lifestyles in smart cities and modern urban centres. One particularly useful development is the incorporation of solar panels into bus shelters to ensure waiting passengers have the benefit of lighting during the hours of darkness.

Bus Shelters With Solar Panels

Bus shelters fitted with solar panels on roofs allow LED lighting to be fitted into the shelter ceiling and provide high degrees of comfort and safety for passengers. These energy efficient solar panels make it easy for passengers to read bus timetables at any time of night and also allow bus drivers to see waiting passengers more easily. Waiting passengers have far greater levels of comfort and security when their nighttime travel is punctuated by waits in well-lit bus shelters that provide useful illumination and can also be a deterrent to casual criminals.

Solar panels for bus shelters can be fitted to shelters with any type of roof, including flat, pitch or curved roof styles. Fitting solar panels cuts out any need to connect electricity supplies to bus shelters for the provision of light, and will provide a cost-efficient, battery-powered lighting solution.

Solar powered bus stop lighting is a sustainable, green solution which enhances overall travel experiences for consumers at night.

Ace Shelters provide solar panels for bus shelters which can be fitted to existing shelters or fitted to new shelters. We offer a variety of styles of bus shelter to suit any kind of environment. If you’re looking for contemporary designs for modern cities and regeneration areas, then you will be sure to find just the right structure at Ace Shelters. We also provide traditional bus shelter structures to suit rural locations and multi-shelter structures to suit mini bus stations. Contact us for more details.