Bus Shelters To Buy

Modern life brings a variety of challenges / environments and we have a bus shelter perfectly suited for all of them. All our bus shelters have been carefully designed and manufactured from quality materials including high-grade alloy powder coated aluminium in the colour of your choice and galvanised or zinc-plated mild steel, available in colour treatments as well as a stainless steel finish.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal shelter for a town or city environment, or the ideal place to perch while waiting for a bus on rural roads, there are plenty of options available:

Harrogate Bus Shelter

The Harrogate bus shelter features a distinctive pitched roof to protect passengers from the elements while they wait. There are several configurations available, from cantilever to fully enclosed, all crafted from high-grade aluminium alloy. With various glazing options, it’s easy to select the best version of this shelter for your needs.

Heritage Bus Shelter

The Heritage shelter is also manufactured from high-grade aluminium and features a barreled roof. It’s immune to corrosion ensuring lower costs where maintenance is concerned and is available in several configurations that offer fully enclosed shelters and a variety of cantilever options.

Morley Bus Shelter

Our flat-roofed bus shelter is the Morley, ideal for enclosed spaces and areas where overhanging trees or foliage would make a tall roof an issue. Different glass and enclosure options make it fully customisable to your needs, while the solid aluminium construction is built for maximum longevity.

Skipton Eco Bus Shelter

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, the Skipton eco bus shelter is ideal, manufactured from high-grade aluminium alloy extrusion, it’s perfect for eco-warriors searching for maximum value.

Skipton Style Shelter

Finally, we have the Skipton shelter, also featuring a barreled roof, and crafted from high-grade aluminium alloy extrusion. This is a great choice for areas with large numbers of passengers, providing the maximum space in a hard-wearing package.

If you’d like a detailed quote for the price of a new bus shelter get in touch and we’ll happily go over your needs and options.

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