Are covered walkways the future?

Covered walkways used to be a luxury addition to a business or a school, however, since the outbreak of the pandemic more and more companies are now looking at covered walkways to protect their visitors.

Some organisations would quite rightly question the cost of a covered walkway compared to its functionality, but now with attitudes changing there has never been a better time to consider installing a covered walkway, with the benefits clearly now outweighing the initial costs.

A covered walkway will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but they can also help to link various buildings together, which will provide an integrated feel to your setting.

Covered walkways for your school or college

Most schools don’t have the space to house all of their students in one building, and most schools often have a number of buildings sited away from the main block. This is especially typical at secondary school level where students are expected to move to various buildings on site that house different subjects. With classroom sizes increasing, there can be a significant number of pupils moving around the school grounds during lesson changes, and this can be chaotic even of a pleasant, warm and sunny day. However, throw some inclement weather into the mix, and the mad dash to the dryness of the classroom can lead to many slips, trips and falls.

Presently we also must think about the pandemic, and the spread of germs from one pupil to another, and this can cause problems when you have dozens of children all milling about in a large area. A covered walkway will not only ensure a more orderly transition of pupils from one classroom to another, but also it can help restrict the spreading of germs with the help of other preventative measures. In addition to this, visitors and staff will also be made to feel more comfortable when they move around your school, and prospective students and their parents will be impressed by the school’s attitude to the safety of their staff and pupils.

Covered walkways for the retail sector

Many more retail businesses are presently making use of covered walkways since the pandemic struck earlier this year. Including a covered walkway can assist with the management of one-way systems and queuing measures to make sure that social distancing restrictions are adhered to. Your customers and visitors will also be pleased that you are taking measures to ensure their safety when entering or vacating the site, as well as giving them a chance to escape inclement weather when they are queuing to enter your store.

Healthcare premises and covered walkways

Now more than ever it is important to look after the well being of visitors to your site and none more so than in the healthcare sector. A covered walkway can be used to link buildings on extensive sites that are spaced out over a large area but can also prevent the spread of viruses by allowing you to manage the flow in and out of your buildings.

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