A simple supermarket trolley shelter maintenance guide for managers

At Ace Shelters we offer a broad range of trolley shelters to suit all manner of supermarkets. Whether it’s a small compact supermarket or a large supermarket with multiple trolley shelters in the car park, we have the perfect shelters for all needs. To keep them looking and operating their best, though, proper maintenance is key. Here is your simple step by step guide for trolley shelter maintenance.

1. Establish a routine

One of the first things to consider is regularly checking the trolley shelters on your premises for damage, graffiti, signs of vandalism, or any other concerning signs. This is important as physically checking for damage is one of the easiest ways to identify issues while they are still small and relatively easy to rectify. Leaving these issues can ultimately lead to the problem growing considerably. You could, for example, make it policy that whenever trolleys are returned to shelters by staff they take a moment to examine the shelter.

2. Educate employees on damage signs

Another key consideration is educating your employees on what they’re actually looking for when examining the trolley shelter. This can include scratches and gouges to the frame or windows. Your trolley shelters are at risk from a range of factors, including vandals, weather damage, and incidental damage from cars parking and careless customers with trolleys. It’s important to know what is acceptable wear and tear, and what is damage that requires repair.

3. Arrange CCTV coverage if possible

Getting CCTV coverage on your trolley shelters is a great way of not only keeping them safe but giving you an indication of when fresh damage has occurred. With proper CCTV coverage, you will be able to see if the trolley shelter is vandalised or damaged by a customer’s car, for example. You will then be able to take appropriate action to rectify that damage. Though CCTV cover should never replace personal detailed condition inspections.

4. Rectify issues as soon as you can

A common trait in trolley shelter maintenance is to let small issues go because it’s thought they’re not worth sorting out. The opposite is true, however, and it’s in your interest to fix small issues as soon as possible. Damage to metalwork, for example, even if small, can open up an avenue for rainwater to begin getting into trolley shelter’s structure. From there rust can begin to form, where getting it repaired immediately eliminates that risk. It’s worth setting an ongoing trolley shelter maintenance budget, to give them the longest usable life possible.

Contacting the trolley shelter specialists

If you have any issues regarding the ongoing maintenance of your trolley shelters, be sure to contact Ace Shelters as soon as possible. We can help you to best understand the common signs of trolley shelter damage, as well as give you reasonable and affordable quotes for their repair. In the event of trolley shelter replacement, we can help you to choose an appropriate trolley shelter that will provide an excellent return on investment. Contact Ace Shelters today.