4 ways that a covered walkway can benefit your business site

One of the key things for any business is making sure that their site is appealing to use. While there are many ways you could achieve this, installing covered walkways is a great option to consider. These walkways are used around business sites to connect one building to another or make moving between spaces easier. If you have never thought about using them on your own site, there are a few great reasons to think about it.

But what benefits do they offer?

Makes the site look smarter

Covered walkways are not just beneficial for businesses in terms of practical usage. The best also have a real structural value and can make your grounds look amazing. By carefully choosing the style, colour and look of your covered walkway, you can end up with a structure that gives creative visual appeal to your site. This will not only reflect well on your business but also make people more likely to want to come on-site to see the walkways for themselves.

Protects staff, clients and customers

A major benefit that covered walkways bring to any site is the protection they give to staff, clients and customers from the elements. Covered walkways mean anyone using your site can stay warm and dry when moving about – even if it is snowing or raining outside! This type of walkway will also mean people can move about your site safely when it’s icy outside. As the inside of the walkway will not get slippery, it means your staff and visitors can walk between buildings in total security.

Makes transporting equipment and documents simpler

It is not only people that covered walkways can protect from the weather. If you have ever had to carry key papers to a meeting outside in the rain, you know how much of a pain it can be. Turning up with soggy documents is not very professional after all! As they offer protection from the elements, these kinds of walkway mean you can transport documents, files and paperwork around without this happening or the wind blowing it everywhere. This is also true for any equipment you may need to move around your site. Keeping expensive IT gear protected from bad weather is important to ensure it does not get damaged.

They allow you to set up designated outdoor areas

Another key benefit of an outdoor walkway is the ability they give to provide useable, all-year-round outdoor space on your site. You may, for example, use covered walkways to lead staff out to an outdoor smoking area which is away from your main buildings but still undercover in case of inclement weather. The ability to use structures like this to improve on-site facilities or provide covered outdoor space for work purposes is very useful. In the current social distancing climate, these types of walkways are also very handy as places for people to queue safely when waiting to enter your premises.

Great value covered walkways with Ace Shelters

As the above shows, there are some real benefits covered walkways bring to any business. Here at Ace Shelters, we have been installing covered walkways in a variety of business settings for over 20 years. All our engineers are CRB checked and have the right qualifications to deliver outstanding results. From Barrel Roof covered walkways to social distancing models, our range can be customised to look exactly how you want. Get in touch on 01704 829 4040 for more details.