4 reasons why a covered walkway could improve accessibility at your business park

Accessibility is gradually becoming a required standard in all public areas, and business parks are no exception. At Ace Shelters, we are proud to make that a priority with products such as our covered walkways.

As well as taking wheelchair accessibility into consideration when creating our products, covered walkways in business parks can also make the spaces more welcoming, practical and comfortable.

With bespoke solutions for our clients, covered walkways are proving to be not just popular but increasingly essential as more reliance on outdoor spaces becomes one of the many results of the recent Coronavirus pandemic. In this article, we look at some of the reasons why a covered walkway could improve accessibility at your business park.

Socially distanced covered walkways

We start with a crucial one, as Ace Shelters have recently been delivering covered walkways that encourage social distancing. For those with businesses that are seeing more and more queues taking place outside, social distancing covered walkways make it easy for customers to follow the guidelines, with 2-metre spacing clearly set-out within the design of our structures.

Whatever the weather, safety comes first

One of the more obvious benefits of having covered walkways is down to health and safety. In a country with weather as unpredictable as it is in the United Kingdom, it is always best to be prepared for the worst.

Heavy rainfall can cause hazards on paths, with large amounts of water resulting in slippier surfaces and puddles. Worse still, in the winter months when frost is a chilly reality, wet surfaces can freeze over and become even more hazardous for those who use them.

Covering the walkway with a structure made from high-grade aluminium extrusion, like those available from Ace Shelters, reduces such dangers. Reliable roofing keeps the pathway dry, ensuring optimum safety for business park visitors as they travel up to the doors of each building connected.

A welcoming roof overhead

In the same way that entering a building, be that a shop or an on office, fills visitors with a sense of being welcomed, a covered walkway offers the same for an outdoor space. Thanks to the tailored design and high-quality materials as showcased by the HD Barrel Roof Covered Walkway, the essence of a business and the value it places on its visitors’ comfort can be felt and appreciated even before entering.

A covered walkway has the potential to set the tone for a business park and all the businesses that call it home, even before your visitors enter your doors.

Connect buildings simply with covered walkways

As we are all probably aware, larger buildings can be somewhat intimidating, especially when it is our first time inside one complex in particular. As well as achieving all of the above, there is a welcoming sense of accessibility to be found from the manner in which covered walkways can connect rooms and buildings together, offering a simple route from A to B.

With a clear path comes a sense of direction, simplicity and familiarity even for those new to a business park, assuring visitors they are heading in the right direction.

For more advice on installing covered walkways in your business park, get in touch today.