Protecting your covered walkway from bad weather

Protecting your covered walkway from bad weather

The UK certainly sees some adverse weather conditions. With 1240mm of rainfall and eight named storms issued by the Met Office between 2018 and 2019, it’s no wonder that properties frequently become damaged from weather-related incidents. While you can protect the inside of your business from the elements, your covered walkway is subject to the temperamental weather all year round. Let’s take a look at how you can start protecting your covered walkway from bad weather.

Choose the right materials

A covered walkway offers reliable protection from the weather when walking to or from a building, protecting your visitors from rain and providing insulation from the cold. However, you must choose the right material for your site and location. While wooden structures may look aesthetically appealing, they tend not to last as long in the UK’s wet climate. At Ace Shelters, we use high-grade aluminium for the mainframe of our covered walkways, offering strength and durability to our products.

Think about design and size

Depending on the location of your building, you will need to think about the best design. For those with high rainfall, a barrelled roof design may be more suitable to prevent ponding. Roofing can be a standout design feature, but it’s important to consider whether high wind or rainfall could impact the structural integrity of your walkway over time. If you are concerned about social distancing within your covered walkways, then we have a new walkway specially designed to segment 2-meter distances.

Finish it with style

Choosing a neat colour to finish your walkway will not only compliment your building’s aesthetics but will also help keep your covered walkway protected from bad weather conditions. Aluminium can become brittle with time when exposed to extreme heat or cold, or corrode due to moisture. However, a protective layer can help prevent such structural damages that would pose a health and safety risk. At Ace Shelters, we offer glazing options using a UV stable polycarbonate as well as safety glass to suit your needs. Plus, our powder-coated RAL or BS colour will help your covered walkway blend into your landscape with ease.

Keep up a regular maintenance plan

As with any structure, proper maintenance is essential to keeping your covered walkway in good condition. To protect your covered walkway from weather corrosion, ensure you have a scheduled repair and maintenance plan in place to safeguard it from damage. If you paint your covered walkway, then ensure you give it a fresh coat every 3 to 5 years to seal the inside material from any water damage or erosion. After a storm or severe weather event, check the walkway for any structural damage. Ask your manufacturer for advice on the correct maintenance regime for your structure.

Exceptional quality with Ace Shelters

As nationwide manufacturers and installers of shelters, canopies, and covered walkways, Ace Shelters bring over 70 years of industry experience to every product they make. For more information about our covered walkways, and advice on how to maintain them, get in touch with our expert team. Call today on 01704 829404 with any queries.