How to choose a covered walkway that is in-keeping with your property style

Covered walkways can be an extremely practical addition to your home. However, many of us take pride in the aesthetics of our property, meaning the look of our covered walkway has just as much importance. If you’re looking to design or install a covered walkway that is in-keeping with your property style, here are a couple of ideas:

Timber walkways

If you live in a rustic-looking farmhouse, why not consider an artful timber walkway? You could connect your garage to the main house with a walkway that enhances and suits your property’s style. You could even grow vines along the top of the structure for an even more aesthetic look. However, you should bear in mind that timber walkways won’t offer you much protection from adverse weather conditions, so other than offering a clear path between the different aspects of your property, this walkway will mainly contribute to the aesthetics.

Steel and wood walkways

A steel and wood walkway would really enhance a more modern farmhouse and would lead an impressive path to a large back garden. However, this slatted construction style benefits places with less rain, so while this type of walkway will look great on the side of your property, you should think twice before you leave it to withstand the unpredictable British weather patterns.

In general, there are a few ways that you can make sure your covered walkway will fit with the style of your property. These include:


If possible, you can try and match the material of your walkway to the one of your property. For example, buildings made of brick can look extremely sophisticated once a brick walkway has been added. If you can’t match the material exactly, try to choose one that will complement the property’s material instead.


Covered walkways can be installed in a variety of different colours, although this will, of course, depend on your chosen material. Choosing a colour that is the same as your property will look very fitting. If you’re feeling bold, why not try a contrasting colour?


It’s important to know the style of your property before trying to choose a covered walkway that will fit with its aesthetic. For example, if you own a traditional, fairly old property, a modern, glass panelled covered walkway will look completely out of place. At the same time, if your property is extremely modern and contemporary, a timber walkway, like the example mentioned above, won’t work.


We can custom size your walkway to whatever you desire, so it’s important to make sure that your walkway won’t overpower or get lost amongst your property. If your house is only small, it’s pointless to have a long walkway that leads nowhere, even if it is purely for the aesthetics. Similarly, if it’s only a few steps between your house and your garage, a covered walkway for this purpose may be slightly pointless. Try to consider what size will best complement your property. It’ll also have to fit in an available space, so this should also be considered.

If you require any advice on what type of covered walkway will best suit your property, don’t hesitate to contact us at Ace Shelters. Our friendly and expert team is more than happy to help.