The secret weapon of 2021 – automatic car washes

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, and as we head into 2021, it’s obvious that those challenges aren’t going to evaporate overnight. The effects of Covid-19 are continuing to spread around the world, to the point where the way we operate as businesses is still changing on a day by day basis. How does this make an automatic car wash a wise investment for your business?

Understanding the changes

The first thing to consider is the changes that have occurred in terms of the way both businesses and customers interact. Now the key thing everyone needs to think about is social distancing. Those two words have been repeated ad nauseam because they’re important, and that distance is going to continue being essential long into 2021 and beyond. Keeping people apart from one another is one of the best ways to mitigate and minimise the relentless spread of coronavirus, and all businesses should focus on it.

What about automatic car washes?

So with that in mind, where do automatic car washes come into play? They make a great investment because they appeal to the very thing that is necessary in these difficult times – a lack of human interaction. Automatic car washes don’t require any interaction really. All a customer needs to do is pay and drive through the car wash and the machine will take care of everything else. That means there doesn’t have to be any issues around social distancing, masks, washed hands, or any other hygiene consideration. The customer can remain in the safety of their vehicle while it’s washed, and when it’s done, they can just drive straight away.

Are there any other benefits to consider?

Automatic car washes appealing to the basics of social distancing aren’t the only benefit you need to consider. You should also think about the advantage they can give your business. Many other car washes, particularly those that provide hand car washes, either have to close during lockdowns or they will suffer from a lack of popularity from people unwilling to take the risk of getting close. An automatic car wash won’t suffer from either of these things. So while the other car washes are either closed and not trading or experiencing a drop off in their regular customer base, your automatic car wash will remain profitable and popular.

If you choose to accessorise your automatic car wash properly, such as with a jet wash screen provided by Ace Shelters, you can make a truly compelling addition to your business. Our screens are designed to work with all manner of automatic car wash models, and can fit wherever you’re choosing to place your car wash on your property.

Making an investment into your business

Remaining competitive and thriving through 2021 depends on businesses taking opportunities that present themselves and gaining a competitive advantage anywhere possible. Automatic car washes offer many benefits, several of which are particularly tailored to the unique needs of 2021 and beyond, which means they should be high on your list of potential investments.