It Only Rains Half The Year

Whenever people mention Manchester the subject of rain will inevitably arise. There is a misconception that Manchester has more rain than any other part of Britain although this is untrue.

With a mean of one hundred and forty rainy days per year the city is no worse off than many others. One hundred and forty days a year is getting close to half a year and unless one likes walking in the rain it certainly helps that there are plenty of covered bus shelters and covered walkways about.

Few countries outside of the U.K. have so many public shelters to keep the rain at bay and none have the number of bus shelters and protected walkways such as are found at places as diverse as airports and supermarkets.

These rain protection walkways and shelters are usually made from high grade and powder coated aluminium with shatter proof glass or steel sides and as they can be delivered in any imaginable shade or colour do not have to be unattractive or detrimental to the environment.

There are some manufacturers who will design and present potential clients like supermarkets, bus companies and local authorities, with virtual designs on a CAD basis. Seeing the finished article on a computer screen sometimes gives a much better feeling of the finished article and also allows modifications to be made with the touch of a button on the keyboard.

Safety is paramount and the finish of all these shelters and covered walkways always allow for the probing hands of very young children and consequently have rounded edges as well as a bur free and rust proof finish which only aluminium can provide.

As well as just looking good there is also consideration given to the possibility that the inevitable vandal may pass by and the toughened metal with unbreakable glass helps avoid serious damage.

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