Out Of The Rain With A Covered Walk

Take a look around any town centre, bus depot, school, factory or airport and what all have in common are covered walkways.

Protection from all the elements such as rain, snow and on rare occasions in the U.K., even hot sunshine is a welcome relief.
These walkways can be designed to fit any length or shape of pathway and with corrosion free materials such as high grade aluminium with a powder coated finish in any colour to suit, they enhance any public area.

From a simple barrel shaped cover these passageways can also be designed with side panels of steel or toughened glass. All the materials are designed to give vandals a hard time and naturally there is a lot of care to ensure that only shatter proof toughened glass is used bearing in mind all health and safety considerations.

At factory sites where there are several individual buildings, these covered walkways come into their own. Such a simple concept makes the mad dash through the rain from one place to another a bygone memory.

Experience counts for a lot and when looking at the possibility of installing walkways it is reassuring to know that the people you deal with have over sixty years history of designing and erecting these protective covers.

From bus shelters to pram shelters and all the other types of shelter imaginable including those trolley shelters at the supermarket, all begin life as a sketched idea which is then fully computerised using the latest CAD technology.

The experienced professional from the initial enquiry will site visit and assess the best possible solution for every individual requirement as well as offer positive suggestions on the final finish.

Modern production methods allow the customer to choose any conceivable colour finish from the internationally recognised range in the seemingly endless choice known as the RAL range.

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