Just a Roof Will Do

It is impossible to avoid canopies when walking through any town centre in the United Kingdom. They are everywhere from bus shelters to school yards and a hundred other places too.

Nobody in Britain likes getting rained upon perhaps because it happens at least one out of every three days of the year in an average year.

In hot dry countries where rain is scarce people come running out into the streets to dance in the rain and in some places the rarity of snow is even more remarkable to witness.

Recently it snowed for a few hours in a part of south east Turkey and the national news were there to record the look of wonderment on the faces of anyone under the age of ten who had never witnessed it before.

In the U.K. there are many places one can duck a sudden downpour when out in the town or city and in more and more schools where outdoor playtime is compulsory there are plenty of these structures being erected.

Shelter from all the elements is what gives us that feeling of cosiness in the home and just like the primal comfort received when sitting next to a roaring fire on a cold night, the sound of rain lashing against the windowpane is a reminder of how far and yet how little humankind has evolved.

Best of all is the comfort of a warm room and bed on a night of thunderstorms.

Warmth and shelter along with food and water are the essentials of life and the world remains an unfair and unequal place if these absolute basics are not enjoyed by everyone.

Shelters at its most basic can be seen as canopies and at its most sophisticated as a Kings castle but somewhere in between we all hope to aspire.

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