How to use your trolley shelter to save time and effort

Trolley shelters are a great investment for businesses, saving them time and effort, whilst offering convenience for shoppers too. They are a cost-effective option which can protect your trolleys and encourage customers to keep the area tidy and safe. If you are fed up of trolleys cluttering up your car park, or you need a way to cut down the maintenance tasks of your team, they provide the ideal solution which can be customised to suit your specific requirements. We take a look at a few more ways that a trolley shelter can save you time and effort.

Protecting trolleys in the long term

Trolleys are a vital part of the shopping experience, and they are used in shops all around the world. But trolleys aren’t cheap and they can become easily damaged and broken if they aren’t adequately protected from the elements. Because trolley shelters protect the trolleys from the elements, especially wind and rain, you will notice that they can last an awful lot longer. If you have a trolley shelter you don’t need to think about replacing trolleys as often and it also means you don’t have to spend time and money on ordering new trolleys. A trolley shelter also prevents damage being caused to the trolleys by customers, vehicles or windy conditions.

Saving your staff time

Trolley shelters allow customers to easily identify where they need to return their trolley, and clearly show them what behaviour is expected of them. It makes the process of returning empty trollies quick and easy, which has been proven to increase how many people return their trollies after using them. This will then drastically decrease the number of abandoned trollies in the car park your staff need to collect. Our high-quality trolley shelters require no regular maintenance as they are made of tough, durable materials which can withstand impact.

Encouraging customers to use a trolley shelter

In order for your customers to use the trolley shelter correctly, it is worth considering installing signage and a number of our options at Ace Shelters have customisable signs. You could also use floor paint to designate the area as a trolley park too, or if you also offer pram storage. Our trolley shelters are available in a range of materials and colours so if you want to clearly designate that the trolley shelter is for your customers only you could choose your brand colour. We also have trolley storage solutions which have rumble strips and leg guards which prevent damage to the shelter and mark where the trolley needs to go.

Keeping your car park clean

Trolley shelters are a great way of making sure your car park is clean and tidy. It can save your staff time looking for trolleys or moving them around. Stray trollies can also be a big safety hazard, and it is important that they don’t end up disrupting traffic or damaging vehicles. An effectively signposted, organised and clean car park will save your maintenance staff time too.