How to make school canopies fun at playtime

Having a canopy at school can be extremely enriching. They are impressively versatile and can make a child’s experience at school much more fun and fulfilling. Not only are they an exciting and different social space for children to enjoy at playtime, but they also provide a convenient learning space that can be used in all weather conditions. Here we discuss some of the opportunities an outdoor canopy can bring to your school, and how to make them fun for the students:

A fun and safe space for playtime

Playtime can be an energetic experience for many children, but with a canopy, they have a convenient, safe space to rest if needed. They’ll be protected from rain or shine, meaning playtime never has to be cut short. There’s nothing worse than telling a group of children that they’re not allowed outside because it’s raining – but with a canopy, this issue will never arise.

To make your school canopies fun, why not consider putting some playground equipment underneath? This way, they’ll be able to enjoy the equipment in all conditions. Plus, it’ll benefit you too, as there will be little need for repairs or maintenance if the equipment is never exposed to the elements.

An exciting outdoor classroom experience

A school canopy is extremely versatile and doesn’t have to only be used during playtime. It’s sometimes difficult to get children to want to learn. We guarantee that informing them that they’ll be doing a lesson outside will be an extremely exciting concept. Being less confined and away from the majority of your classroom equipment, you can take the opportunity to paint, conduct messy art projects or allow them to play loud musical instruments. Some of these activities could even be done at playtime too, as long as appropriate activities are safe and supervised.

Let them decorate

Children love to personalise things, so why not let them decorate the canopy? You could make it a class project – put up bunting, outdoor lights, pictures, paintings. These activities will be something that children may even want to take part in at playtime, encouraging them to make the most of their days at school.

Add some fun activities

As long as you have the funding and the space, what you do with your school canopy is really only limited by your imagination – as long as it is safe, of course. In the past, schools have considered adding sand to play in, gardens for children to plant in, and more simple social spaces. You could add a selection of board games to the canopy, so even when it is raining, the children will be entertained whilst still being able to be outside to some extent.

A canopy at school can increase your student intake, as scheduling a certain number to spend time outside at various times will free up space inside the school building. This would have to be well managed, and you’ll need to ensure that the canopy is fun enough to keep children entertained. However, this is very possible, and we are confident that a canopy would be a fantastic addition to your school. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.