How often should you replace your smoking shelter?

If your staff are tired of having to stand in the wind and rain when they pop out for a cigarette break, they’ll definitely appreciate the addition of a high-quality smoking shelter to your business premises. If you’re going to make this investment to meet the needs of your staff, however, you’ll want to know exactly how many years of use you’re going to get out of it.

The life of your smoking shelter will depend on the material it is made out of and how often you maintain it. The most common materials for smoking shelters are:

Mild steel

In the past, the majority of smoking shelters were made from a mild steel material, but this metal is prone to rust and, depending on how well you take care of it, will only last for a maximum of 10 years. Some companies still manufacture smoking shelters in this material but they are extremely heavy, high maintenance and prone to damage. If exposed to the elements, mild steel smoking shelters will require re-painting and rubbing down with rust protection as frequently as every 5 years.


100% aluminium shelters, however, are resistant against rust and will last for over 20 years with very little maintenance required. Simply wash down your shelter once a year with soapy warm water and your shelter with remain looking as good as new. Aluminium is also much lighter in weight than mild steel and will cause minimal damage to your ground-works. This metal is also much cheaper to install, and in the event that your shelter becomes damaged, you can rest in the knowledge that the repair costs will be much more affordable.


Polycarbonate is the ideal material for the roof of your smoking shelter, as it is shatterproof, scratchproof, weather-resistant and requires minimal maintenance to look as good as new. Polycarbonate is also UV stable, lightweight and 10 times stronger than glass, so you won’t ever need to replace the roof of your shelter.

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