How bus shelters can help make public transport more efficient

From office buildings to government facilities, data centres to hospitals, there are a number of premises that could benefit from the addition of a bus shelter. Bus shelters not only protect people waiting for transport from the elements, but they also provide a variety of benefits regarding the efficiency of your public transport services. We’ve compiled a short list of how bus shelters can make your public transport system run more smoothly and efficiently.

Provide bus time information

Bus shelters are the perfect places to offer passengers information about bus times, delays and alternative routes that they can read before getting on board. This will reduce the number of passengers slowing down bus drivers as they ask for bus schedule information or figure out their correct stop and will reduce the amount of time your transport information services spend on responding to enquiries.

Easy identifiable

A single bus stop sign can be quite difficult to spot from a distance for passengers who don’t already know their exact location. Adding a colourful bus shelter at every stop will make the bus stop more conspicuous so that passengers can easily find them.

Encourage bus use

If passengers are required to wait outside in the wind and rain before boarding a bus, they are far less likely to use your services. Adding a bus shelter to protect passengers from the elements will encourage them to utilise your services in all weathers and during every season so that you receive a consistent level of business.

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