Examples of supermarket trolley shelters from around the world

You might assume that supermarket trolley shelters are all the same no matter where you go. But when you think about it, the requirements for structures of this type are bound to vary from country to country. Different climates and weather conditions, as well as shopping habits, mean that the type of supermarket trolley shelters in common use will vary between different nations. In this blog post, we look at five examples of supermarket trolley shelters around the world.

Australian trolley bays

Uncovered trolley shelters, known as trolley bays, are common in Australia. This type of structure can also be installed inside a supermarket if space outside is at a premium. To help protect against corrosion and rust, these structures can be made from heavy-duty galvanised steel. One example is the trolley bays manufactured by Australian company PEC. A heavy-duty material such as this also helps to protect the structure from daily wear and tear caused by trolleys.

Bays and shelters in Ireland

Ireland isn’t renowned for its fantastic weather. This might be a reason why covered shopping trolley shelters are commonly in use in Ireland, as well as open bays. Irish supermarkets boast a diverse range of trolley shelters, constructed in a variety of different styles. Shopping trolley shelters in Ireland are often branded with the specific supermarket’s colours or logo, similarly to in the UK.

Shopping trolley shelters in Sweden

Sweden is another country with a harsh climate, especially during the winter months when heavy snow is a common sight. Because of this, covered shelters are essential in supermarket car parks. Trolley shelters in Sweden are frequently heavily branded, and are sometimes equipped with handy additional features such as bins, lighting, or advertising space.

A different type of protection in Portugal

Whilst shelters in Sweden and Ireland need to protect shopping trolleys from harsh wind, rain, and snow, shelters in Portugal need to protect trolleys in another way. The intense heat and light of the Portuguese climate mean that trolleys need to be shaded from the sun. Trolley shelters in Portugal are usually covered on three sides to create shade, and have a roof that protects from the sun. Sometimes shelters are placed close to the supermarket building for additional shade.

Shelters with style from German designers

For inspiration for a shopping trolley shelter that has style in abundance, look towards Germany. A design by German manufacturer WSM was awarded an honourable mention at the 2017 Red Dot international design award, noted for its modern architecture and robust looks. If this design is anything to go by, German supermarket shopping trolley shelters can be praised for their functionality and smooth style that works cohesively with modern supermarket designs.

Great quality shelters in the UK

At Ace Shelters, we’re a leading UK provider of a variety of sheltered structures, and this includes trolley shelters for supermarkets. We manufacture high-quality aluminium structures that protect against the British weather and produce a long-lasting, low maintenance solution for supermarkets. Contact us to find out more.