Cover It Up And Keep On Playing

School is not just about learning from books but it must also include playtime which is also part of a different kind of learning and that is about social interaction and formation of friendships.

There is a distinct lack of organised sports in schools today and that in part has been the result of valuable land being sold off by central and local governments.

It is also a problem that started with some misguided educationalists a couple of decades ago who for some daft reason decided that competitiveness was not desirable amongst growing children. There are many who believe that compulsory sports should be bought back into the curriculum at all schools.

At least at nurseries and schools for the younger children there is plenty of compulsory outdoor play and even if this is just a small yard at the back of the playschool it does at least give a break from a stuffy classroom.

With the unpredictable weather that the U.K. is famous for it is necessary to have a mix of fresh air with cover and this has resulted in a demand for school canopies.

The canopy can be designed to suit any shape of outdoor play area and with young children in mind the materials and finish are constructed with safety foremost.

The best grade powder coated aluminium forms the main frame of the canopy and the clear roof of safety glass or polycarbonate are carefully designed not only to protect from rain but also to filter harmful UV when there is bright and hot sunshine.

With the clients choice of any colour from a huge range it is sometimes fun to get the children involved and run a little competition to find the best colour to suit the rest of the main buildings and surroundings.

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