Canopies – Shaping Areas With Style


Canopies play an integral role in providing security and safety to pedestrians across a variety of spaces and environments while at the same time improving the aesthetics around these areas for all to enjoy. With the advent of digital advertising and branding space, it has never been a better time to put a canopy in place. In this post we will look at some of the primary benefits a canopy can bring to the mix.

A small canopy attached to the side of the building.

Canopies come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, structure and colour. and are usually open plan in configuration, the one above is attached to the side of a residential property and provides shade from the sunlight outside and a cooler environment.

Canopies Provide Shelter From The Elements

It has always been the backbone feature of canopies and other shelters to be able to provide protection against the weather. Rain, snow, frost – even the heat has always been an unpleasant side effect when moving around outside. Sitting down, the experience of being in an open area without a canopy and exposed to the aforementioned weather patterns can be quite uncomfortable and can potentially introduce unwanted and serious side effects on one’s health with heatstroke. sunstroke or pneumonia being some of the worst culprits.

Energy Efficiency

Canopies are not just about providing space to shelter and stay comfortable. They are also highly energy efficient, making them a top choice for saving energy. For example by providing shade, there is very little heat gain produced which can lower or even eliminate cooling costs during the warm months. Less energy consumption means less reliance on fossil fuels and provides a level of environmental sustainability for the area.

Outdoor Marketing And Signage

Whether it is your favourite advert for a fast food combination meal or a pair of new trainers, digital adverts have become a part of everyday life. The streets we walk down and the cities we commute through all display hundreds if not thousands of adverts and promotions in all varieties. Modern canopies not only provide shelter but they also provide space for digital advertising opportunities. This can make them the perfect type of shelter to be strategically placed in commercial shopping districts, passenger waiting areas and even outside of urban bars, restaurants and public houses. Businesses vie for advertising real estate by pushing their logos, marketing messages and graphics onto the boards to get as much of a target audience interested as possible, making canopies a commercial positive.

Some Canopies Have Visual Appeal

Canopies come in various shapes and sizes, the majority of these are designed to look aesthetically pleasing by introducing shapes, patterns, embedded glyphs and much much more. Canopies Landscape architects and designers incorporate them seamlessly into the surroundings. Their aesthetic value lies in their ability to enhance the visual appeal of buildings, streetscapes and gangways creating a more harmonious urban environment that is pleasing on the eye.

Cultural Significance

In many cities, historic canopies serve as symbols of cultural heritage. Iconic canopies, like those found in traditional markets or historic theaters, evoke nostalgia and connect modern urban dwellers with the past, adding depth and character right into the urban landscape.

Some Canopies Have A Unique Twist

Architectures and landscape designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is capable with design. Innovative, lightweight materials and technology have led to the creation of retractable canopies that can be re-used, energy harnessing structures, and green roof variants all offering the potential to create a better environment and help promote environmental sustainability.

The Ability To Host Events

Canopies are not just limited to being used in small spaces. Much larger canopies can accommodate entire groups and events and are versatile enough to transform ordinary environments into public event space. From food markets to music festivals, outdoor concerts and art exhibitions, these structures provide protection and add a touch of elegance to the surroundings while in place. With this in mind canopies can be particularly useful for organising and promoting events, celebrations, birthday parties and much more.


Canopies are more than just functional structures. They are an extension of an urban or suburban space and this shows that the surroundings are connected and continuously evolving. Canopies will undoubtedly remain a key element in the quest to create more attractive, sustainable, and enjoyable environments for all. If you are looking for an integrated or freestanding canopy and you would like to get a quote, then we are the experts who can help you decide. Ace Shelters have over 20 years of experience in providing unique and bespoke canopies that are packed to the brim with features such as uPVC protective and frosted glass, heating flooring and seating, digital advertising – even Wi-Fi points and mobile connectivity hotspots! Call our friendly team on 01704 829404 today and we can get your consultation arranged and your requirements discussed.

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