Busy bus routes: how to create a shelter everyone can use

Bus shelters are an important part of the local bus network and the local community. Providing cover from the elements, they designate the stopping point of the bus and they even encourage people to use more public transportation, rather than driving.

But on busy bus routes, how do you create a shelter that everyone can use? We asked our experts at Ace Shelters for the answers.

Size and shape

The most important factor to consider, especially on busy bus routes, is the size and shape of your bus shelter. You have to work with the available space, and this can severely limit the size of your bus shelter. Where possible, you need to be able to accommodate a large number of people undercover.

This means that where there are busier stops, you will need to have a larger bus shelter. On narrow streets, you might need longer bus shelters, whereas given wider spaces you can easily create larger, more encompassing shelters for everyone.


One of the most important aspects to consider when you’re creating a bus shelter that everyone can use is its location.

If it’s in a busy area, then you need space to make it an appropriate size. If it’s in a residential area, then you need to consider implications such as noise or pavement space being taken up if the shelter overflows due to high demand.

You also need to consider the location in terms of safety. Are there pedestrian crossing points nearby? Is it easy to find? Is it easy to reach if you’re elderly or have a disability? How many people use this location to jump on a bus? These are all important questions you need to answer when you’re planning the location of bus shelters on busy bus routes.


Having better security will encourage more people to use bus shelters and catch the bus. They can be constructed in a huge range of designs, but you will want to make sure that people are comfortable actually standing in a certain location waiting for the bus. This can mean having more walls or even having security doors, as well as providing space for CCTV equipment to be set up.

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