An Engaging Wait – Bus Shelter Advertising

An Engaging Wait – Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus Shelters are a simple yet highly effective structure that prioritise safety and at the same time help to transport commuters from point A to B. However like most methods of transport, buses take their time to go between stops, so commuters have to wait and pass the time as they make their journeys. In this blog post we explore how bus shelter advertising can be used to great effect and offer a form of out-of-home advertising services that appeal to the customer.

Bus Shelter Advertising board face on with no advert loaded.

Bus shelters can be fun places to wait with advertising incentives for the commuter.

Whether seen during the day or the evening nights, advertising is everywhere. Bus shelters are no exceptions. What started out as ordinary advertising rollers are now sophisticated digital screen boards, some of which provide a level of touch interaction to keep users engaged. In some cases bus shelters are equipped with a mixture of static image adverts, video reels and audio prompts or music. This adds to the ambience and appeal of the bus shelter, attracting more commuters who are waiting to make a journey.

Bus Shelter Advertising Leaves High Visibility And Frequent Impressions

As they are strategically located in areas with high foot and vehicle traffic. A well placed advertisement is seen by a large number of people and visitors multiple times a day. Whether individuals are waiting for a bus, simply walking by, or driving past in their car or another vehicle, they are highly likely to notice your ad repeatedly. This is especially true if the bus shelter is positioned near a junction or road with traffic lights. This repetition is crucial for brand recall and can significantly enhance the marketing efforts of a business.

Targeted Local Reach

One great standout advantage of bus shelter advertising is the ability to be able to target specific geographical locations. With the power of digital advertising this location can even be reflected in the advert itself, creating multiple instances of the same product for different areas. Great examples of this are utilised for education, fast food and a number of other markets.

Bus Shelters Provide Cost-Effective Advertising

For business who have a very tight marketing budget, bus shelter advertising is a great way to get on the advertising steps and provides an excellent return on investment by delivering widespread exposure without breaking the bank. Larger billboards are generally more expensive to run and maintain, so smaller adverts might be better suited to being placed in a bus shelter.

Continuous Exposure

Bus shelter advertising is visible 24/7, unlike TV or radio ads that run for a limited time during the day or evening depending on the market. This constant presence means that your ad has the potential to reach a diverse audience at different times of the day, increasing the likelihood of engagement. Continuous exposure helps to reinforce your message and keep your brand top-of-mind for potential customers.

They Can Complement Other Marketing Channels

Bus shelter advertising can effectively complement your other marketing channels. When combined with digital marketing, social media, or other traditional advertising methods, it creates a cohesive and continuous brand presence. This multi-channel approach can amplify your message and ensure it reaches a wider audience through various touchpoints.

Creative Flexibility

Bus shelter advertising offers creative flexibility, allowing you to design eye-catching visuals that grab attention. Whether you use bold colors, striking images, or compelling messages, the format provides ample space to be creative. Innovative designs can make your ad stand out and encourage engagement from passers by. Entire reels can even be made to tell a story, making your visitors stick around that little bit longer.

Bus Shelter Advertising Provides Environmental Impact

In recent years, many different bus shelters have incorporated eco-friendly features, such as solar panels and sustainable materials, allowing them to power features without the need man-made electricity. By choosing to advertise in these shelters, your brand can align with environmentally conscious practices, appealing to the growing number of consumers who prioritise sustainability and stability.


In conclusion bus shelter advertising is a powerful tool for reaching a local audience and is great for creating frequent impressions and delivering cost-effective marketing solutions. It’s high visibility, reach and continuous exposure make it ideal for businesses looking to enhance their brand presence and engage with potential customers. Leveraging these benefits will bring long-lasting results.

Before you step into the world of bus shelter advertising you first need a bus shelter. At Ace Shelters we have years of experience getting bus shelters of all shapes and sizes installed into community areas and urban environments. Our team can specialise in getting your requirements for advertising in place. We utilise the latest digital billboards technology to provide crisp, clear and effective adverts that help engage visitors. Why not drop us a message or give the team a call on 01704 829404 to discuss your requirements today!

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