Adding a wall mounted smoking canopy to your property: What you need to know

Providing an outdoor space for smokers is a very important part of property planning, especially in the entertainment and hospitality sectors, or in a working environment. Whatever the size and type of property you manage, you will want to consider finding the right solution for smoking, and a wall-mounted smoking canopy could well be the answer.

Below you will find a guide to selecting your canopy, choosing the right spot for it, and having it fitted safely. If you think that a wall-mounted smoking canopy could solve the problems you face at your property or premises, then read on and see how this option might be able to help you.

Save space and stay safe with wall mounting

Wall-mounted canopies make ideal smoking shelters, as they offer protection against the rain but take up a minimal amount of space. If your small smoking area is getting battered by the elements, you’ll have some unhappy smokers on your hands, so give them a weatherproof roof to keep the rain off while they enjoy their break. Smoking areas are often sited away from front doors and squeezed into tight spaces, so a wall-mounted cover is perfect for keeping the floor space uncluttered and allowing access, without losing the walkway.

A wall-mounted smoking canopy is also one of the safest options you can opt for. With all sides free and open, you can prevent smoke damage, provide proper ventilation, and in the event of an ashtray fire under the structure, there would be minimal damage to both the shelter and its surroundings. There is no risk of patrons or staff being trapped within its walls, and smoke will dissipate quickly too.

What properties should consider wall-mounted smoking canopies?

Almost any venue, premises or property where smokers work, visit or stay will require some form of smoking shelter. Just some of the many places where this kind of product is fitted include:

– Hospitality – pubs and bars, cafes, restaurants and more
– Entertainment – sports stadiums, music venues, clubs, etc.
– Workplaces – offices, retail premises, factories and warehouses
– Private property – houses, apartment blocks, sheltered accommodation.

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Smoking canopies for private premises

Though this style of shelter is designed with commercial properties in mind, the wall-mounted smoking shelter could also be an ideal solution for private properties. Many homes, especially rental properties such as blocks of flats and managed housing, have strict no-smoking restrictions on them for reasons of safety, cleanliness and more. As a landlord, letting agent or housing association, providing a smoking shelter on your premises can encourage tenants to move their smoking outside, keeping them safe and dry in the process.

Getting started: choosing your shelter

The space you have available, and the budget you have for building, will be key factors in deciding which shelter is right for you. Standing shelters are popular, and they do give a little more protection against wind and rain, but they are also bulky, require a lot more fittings (including concrete flooring) and can be far more expensive. A wall-mounted smoking canopy is a floating roof located up on the wall, with no obstructive posts or pillars.

Canopy sizing

The beauty of a wall-mounted canopy is its versatility. The typical options are the two and four-metre length canopies, but multiple canopies can be fixed together for a full covered walkway or larger shelter. You can also consider wall mounts that fit neatly into corner spaces, with plenty of bespoke designs available to perfectly fit the space you have. If your smoking area is larger than four metres long, you might want to consider a full shelter instead of a wall mount: always discuss your design plans with an installation engineer before getting started. Getting an expert in from start to finish is the best way to get a great looking, practical and safe end result.

Built to last

Smoking shelters are made to keep the rain off, and this means they take a lot of pressure from bad weather themselves. Most wall-mounted canopies are designed to encourage run-off without pooling water above, which can cause damage to a structure. The shelter must be wide enough to protect those beneath it, even in heavy storms, and they must be made from durable materials such as aluminium and glass to withstand the weather for years to come.

The finish of your choice

The look of your shelter needs to fit with the rest of your property, and that is why the best aluminium shelter frames are powder coated in a range of colour choices to ensure that the final look matches the rest of the premises perfectly. Smoking shelters and canopies can be unsightly when not adequately designed and fitted, but the right design can provide an elegant and stylish look for your building’s exterior. For the perfect finishing touches, canopy decals and wall mounted ashtrays can also be fitted.

A neat and tidy solution

Many business owners find that by not providing a smoking area, smokers tend to find their own spot outside, and this may be in a place that is unsuitable, such as near flammable or hazardous waste materials, or in an inadequately ventilated space. Not providing a smoking area can also lead to a mess, with discarded cigarette ends and other rubbish building up. If you provide a neat, clean and safe space for the smokers on your staff or among your clientele, you can reduce or remove a lot of these problems.

Get in touch to discuss your wall mounted smoking shelter

Like many outdoor shelters and fittings, a smoking canopy can be the perfect solution for your building, but only if the space suits it and the walls will support it. For the best and safest results, you should always speak to an expert, like the engineers at Ace Shelters. Our consultants can help you decide between wall-mounted and standing shelter options, as well as discuss our standard and bespoke product ranges in detail so that you can make an informed choice. Contact us for more information today.